Internet-of-Things and Industrial Control Systems

Cyberphysical systems collect and process fine-grained and real-time information from sensors. By integrating the information with computational algorithms and physical systems, enterprises can enhance the capability, performance, and resilience of engineered and industrial control systems. However, these systems are exposed to a wide range of vulnerabilities.

This research theme aims to develop a security platform that allows service providers to monitor, detect, and mitigate threats and unusual cyber activities. NUS will contribute expertise in developing security solutions for cyber-physical systems, from applications and software to the physical communications medium, to develop future services such as immunity platforms for next generation defence and protection for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and ICS.

Capabilities to protect the collection and exchange of data by various types of sensors will have a wide range of important applications, including smart homes, smart energy grids and smart transportation systems.

Singtel will use advanced machine learning, mathematical models and telemetry data gathered from users, mobile devices or applications and networks to develop predictive threat analysis and intelligence. This would allow Singtel to predict, discover and identify emerging, abnormal security activities before they happen.

Principal Investigator

– Biplab Sikdar (Theme Leader)